Disclaimer: There are no magic bullets when dealing with corrupt officials and courts. There are no 100% guarantees. Every case is different. We accept gifts but offer no promises. If you have been injured by the ABA, IBAR, and other corporations posing as legitimate government, the PAGG can help you gain knowledge and sometimes a victory. The PAGG cannot guarantee this outcome, there are just too many elements of unpredictability. The PAGG operates as a private de jure, non commercial, non de facto, non profit, non taxable, ministry / philanthropist type trust to assist the people / the de jure public in possibly accessing redress from rouge courts and slavery systems who have inflicted injury upon the people whether intentionally or not. Any funds / debt instruments gifted to the PAGG are converted immediately to lawful money per 12USC411. Original jurisdiction is retained under natural law, common law, and no consent is implied to any man made court of statutes, codes, regulations, color of law, corporations, governments, or ect.